Friday, July 4, 2014

some fourth fun

an old friend of Phil's named Richard and his wife Irene hold a party every year on fourth of July Eve... it gets bigger each year and last year they finally went for a catered main course, so that Richard, who was manning the BBQ grill for hours and not seeing friends except when they stopped by with a beer for him- LOL would be able to enjoy his own party -

however, folks still bring other things (mostly appetizers and desserts) and there were some festive desserts worthy of a few photos-

the view from the back yard- if you go down to the beach you can see the local fireworks show-

this one needed someone to put it right side up - but you  can see we have the appropriate theme going-

a giant cookie that someone bought at the grocery- this isn't a fancy party store bought is OK with them...

daughter Ali's cake - she was upset her sister Carol hadn't been home in time to help decorate it "Carol's is way better at this than I am...." LOL I told her it was very festive!

art with fruit part one

art with fruit part two-

for the healthy eaters - just plain fruit (which really doesn't need art it does quite well on its own...)

so today is our "wino" get together - and I made a new dish which is baking even as I type- lemon chicken -
it looks good for prep stage-  LOL

so far looking good---

will report back on the success of the venture.... happy Fourth of July everyone!

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