Sunday, June 29, 2014

we go gogi

so tonight we went to Gogi (named by Chicago Magazine as one of the top new openings in town in the last year)  it is a neighborhood place so we felt like it was worth a try-

we had the starters of- Japchae  - Sweet Potato Noodles with sliced vegetables and beef.

 Pajeon - Pancake - Haemul Pajeon (Seafood)

and - Mandu - Dumplings (Fried)

these were all good and tasty- Steph and Phil had beer to drink and I had a delicious raspberry wine

then we went into the cooking phase - here is our brazier of charcoal- (at the end of the evening of cooking)

here is the griddle- for the Bulgogi (Marinated Beef) and the Dwaeji Bulgogi (Spicy Marinated Pork) and the Samgyeopsal (Sliced Pork Belly)

the grilled (Galbi 갈비 Marinated Beef Short Ribs were made in the kitchen because you can only use either the grill or the griddle at a table with one cook top- they served them up nice and hot-

then first on our griddle - the pork belly

then the marinated beef -

finally the spicy pork-

after the meat was all cooked they made fried rice on the griddle so it could incorporate the little meaty bits into the rice dish-

I only got a little on my shirt- LOL

so not unlike many places I liked the appetizers the best- would return for any of those - the meat not so much and the rice not at all- but the raspberry wine was a find to keep an eye out for again!

after dinner we came back home and shared a bottle of Bonarda and relaxed - just chatting about whatever came into the stream of the conversation... a nice evening getting to know the neighbors... next we thought we might go to Sun Wah- right about now Walnut Shrimp and Peking Duck sound fabulous! it's been too long since we have been there---

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