Friday, September 19, 2014

OK - so we are older

and hopefully wiser- LOL

here is the photo from ten years ago that Mac brought with him and then the photo from last night- older balder grayer fatter.... but also HAPPIER! LOL

so last night we met Mac's friends Meera and Joel for dinner at Trattoria #10 - I hadn't been there in years since I don't work in the Loop... the meal was delayed but once we were seated they comped  our appetizers and one bottle of corkage fees- so that kinda sorta made up for it.  Only a couple of photos of food because it wasn't really a foodie dinner, it was a social evening... and then a couple of shots outside as we were leaving to commemorate the occasion of Mac's visit...

I love this one! they both are so happy to see each other again!

Today Mac and I went to get Mac a local SIM card and get his phone set up to use here.  Then we had to stop at the Post Office so he could mail gifts to the grandchildren - and that took a bit because he wanted to have the package decorated with stamps of many types- and he was successful!

then our too-short time together was done and Mac was off for more social activities and reunion-ing... we hope to see him tonight after we get out of our concert and he has finished with law school reunion duties for the day.... tonight we are off to a concert called the Pokey LaFarge Central Time Tour... some Cajun stuff--- and if you have read the blog for any amount of time you know we love Cajun stuff- especially the food! (no food tonight - only music! at the Old Town School) and then we hope to see Mac later in the evening... he heads to Lemont on Sunday morning - and that is forever away from the city in what we call LBO (land beyond O'Hare) and we have theater tickets for Sunday - so another review coming your way soon!

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