Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Phil's big retirement dinner was held last night at Oceanique.  And I can safely say all the guests were wowed by the wines that were provide by Phil's long time partner Neil.  To start you off I will post a photo of AJ our wine server at the end of the evening - with the bottles:

the list for the wines ranging from 1964-1978 for the burgundies and 1982-1988 for the champagnes and 1990 - the d'Yquem... well it is easier to show you the labels than for me to type out all the names- so I am taking the easy route... starting with the 1982 and 1988 Pol Roger champagnes-

Moving right into the old red burgs- the 1964 - which still had a lovely palate despite a quite funky nose that never really blew off-

THREE wines from 1971 and I think most of the eight of us agreed that the Beaune Clos Des Mouches was the top wine in a difficult and extremely close competition-

a 1972- pretty much all eight of us decided this was the one that didn't show so well--- but still had things to teach everyone about vintage and terrior...

two 1976 to compare and contrast-

two 1978 beauties-

the 1990 d'Yquem- one of the half bottles was corked so it was good we brought two!

And although I didn't get photos of everyone's food, I did get a few shots of mine and a couple of Phil's and Neil's along the way- so here they are....

the amuse- tasty oyster!

lobster salad (because Phil can't go two days without lobster- LOL - we're getting him into recovery soon- it is a step down program that puts him on the "methadone" of stone crab claws- LOL

the foie gras course - paired with the d'Yquem for many of the eight of us...

excellent soft shell crab...

a berry sorbet palate cleanser-

the salmon- cooked perfectly - medium rare

Neil's entree fish (might be turbot?)

my favorite dessert - the night and day cake! I order it every time we go to Oceanique!

and the recap of the wines - lined up at the bar by AJ and Alan and Chef Mark so the staff could sample everything-

so now Phil is well and truly retired - as evidenced not by the dinner but by the gift (from Sheila and Mary) of a retirement watch (LOL) - this one with the Cardinals logo on it! and by the PJs (from Dick and Ali) that have a top that says "I'm RETIRED this is as dressed up as I get!" LOL

not that we won't have a few more celebrations - or more than a few- but this was THE BIG ONE! and SOON we will be celebrating Phil's 60th (again- this time for real in October) the Burgundy barge cruise was a joint celebration for both our 60ths and CBGB life milestones as well.... more soon because this is our three play week at various theaters - we saw Jane Eyre on Sunday and tonight we are headed to Pensacola Commons...never a dull moment around here!

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