Sunday, December 21, 2014

highlights of Cuba

Since the President decided last week to head in the direction of normalizing relationships with Cuba, I thought I would do a post on some of my favorite moments from the people to people trip I took there in April 2012.  For lots of details on the trip you can return to the blog posts from April 27th to May 1st in 2012.... but if you want to know about the way Cubans live read this single post from the trip on how they deal with issues which are always blamed on the embargo (regardless of whether this is the case or not)

but back to my favorite photos of Cuba- a stunningly beautiful place even in the midst of ruin...

first the drinks- there were welcome drinks every where we went- so we had lots of good libations!

and then of course the thing all Americans want to see- the old cars still running as if it was 1959 just yesterday-

 but old cars are not the only form of transportation here-

more of life on the island-

and the ultimate in Cuban ingenuity- (I highly recommend the above linked blog post for lots of details of day to day life in Cuba) this and many other things are explained - and yet many think they are much better off today (health care - education - opportunity) than they were pre-Castro... this is a fascinating place... read more by going back in time on the blog to April 2012...

later this week- some family reminiscing - on the anniversary of my mother's death- good memories... good times... good travel... what more can you ask for? LOL

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