Wednesday, December 10, 2014

your government at work


this works!

this doesn't-

Today I am happy to report that there is some hope for us all - it just does not exist at the USPS... it exists at the incredibly helpful office of Secretary of State of Illinois! Yesterday I called the SOS-IL office about my missing renewal for my license plates.  I hadn't received my registration number and PIN to renew because the USPS hasn't seen fit to deliver the mail (see prior post on this ongoing issue which remains unresolved).  The woman (Karen) was extremely helpful and gave me the reg and PIN that were sent via post card to me (that USPS couldn't be bothered with) and so I went on after speaking to Karen and renewed my license plates.  And to top it all off, because I had explained to her about my difficulty with the post office she gave me a number to call to have the tag delivered directly to my winter address!!!!!

a total win! because this morning when I got through to the number she gave me I got not ONE but TWO helpful women who arranged to have my tag sent to Florida!

so YEA!!!! my faith in some government operations is restored!!! CyberDrive IL rocks!!!!

on the other hand my USPS issue continues- on Monday I sent yet another missive to the "postalstore" email with all the details of the steps I have taken to get this resolved and I haven't heard a thing from them. I am sooooo more than justified in posting #USPSsucks on twitter...

and in an effort to stop my aggravation (because they certainly aren't aggravated by this- they are drinking coffee and laughing and eating donuts rather than sorting and sending my mail for the $17/per week they charge) I decided to cancel the premium forwarding service and just sign up for regular temporary forwarding of the mail.... which I did today... no doubt the $51 they owe me for the weeks they missed will never be recovered - but that is the price I paid for learning exactly how useless the 60640 zip code post office workers are.

and to round out the "aggravation department" news - my third grill repair call in less than seven months was handled by the lovely Tammie at Weber Grill - and she and I have an ongoing email conversation about the service call and the grill (none of which has cost me a dime - other than my time)

so see! it can be done! it just can't be done by USPS - they choose not to... cyberdrive IL the IL Secretary of State's office and the Weber Grill service line could really teach them a thing or two- but of course - they would actually have to want to learn!

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