Friday, July 31, 2015

another Dublin day - or two

so the afternoon of Day Two we spent in a pub catching up with Iddo and getting to know his mom, Sarah a little better and then we had dinner at a place called ETTO (LOL we picked it because Iddo and Etto sounded like a good combination) I will start with the dessert first- a fab white peach with amaretto sauce... then my starter a zucchini flower and then the main the fish with monksbeard and caponata....all very yummy - Phil had the chocolate and cherry and hazelnut dessert- all his favorites in one dish!

we made a plan for the next day to meet and went back to our hotel to crash... getting up in the morning to meet them outside of Trinity College to catch the Hop On-Hop Off bus.

a fleeting blue sky...

entrance to Trinity College-

We had planned the first stop to be the Dublin Castle but it was closed until 2 PM so we went on to St. Patrick's Cathedral

and then past Guinness (where most folks got off but we had all been there before)

and on to Kilmainham Jail  where the wait time for entry and tour was several hours so while we waited we went off and had a mediocre lunch at a nearby pub... but they did have a good sign about no dancing- apparently it is quite dangerous in Ireland... LOL

then back to the Jail and first some time in the museum (focusing on the Easter uprising and the after effects)

and afterward we finished off the bus tour and got off at Trinity College arranging to meet for dinner at Blackboard Bistro- another good meal was had by most of us- although Phil found his steak tough to cut...

Phil's crab starter- and my salad (which was excellent!)

my fish- sea trout and his steak-

my berry and meringue dessert-

so again we made plans to meet the next day- and because it was to rain all day we chose (along with the rest of the tourists) to do museums - so up next museums! and some really amazing things!

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