Friday, July 31, 2015

new courses at goosefoot!

so on the second night after our return we headed to goosefoot to see Chris & Nina and check out some new courses-

here is the report... my favorite new course is the gnocchi with summer truffles - oh so very yummy!

here is the menu and then the food "in order of appearance" (LOL)

the amuse- a wonderful mushroom soup-

the scallop course-

the white we chose for the beginning wine- we also had a 2005 Louise from DDO which we decanted so I didn't get a pic of that bottle- but the wine was very nice with the later courses-

the custardy eggy preserved garlic and shrimp course-

a new hearty soup - creamy tomato with couscous and other gems hidden in the velvety soup-

the tuna course-

the aforementioned gnocchi-

meat- as good as always!

the Roquefort course with macaron- excellent counterpoint to each other with the sweet contrasting with the pungent and salty blue of the cheese...

a new palate cleanser of watermelon replaces the yuzu and beet juice of past menus-

a new fabulous dessert peaches and cream - this was one of my all time favorite dessert courses at goosefoot-

chocolate and crunch- Phil is a happy guy!

the finale of chocolate dipped gooseberry-

so the changes were good ones and it is nice to get a chance to see Chris express his artistry in new ways... goosefoot is a neighborhood favorite for us- we are lucky to be only 5-7 minutes away!

so next week is a week of catching up with things around the house and preparing for both a trip to Michigan (top of the lower peninsula) to see CBGB and a DART trip with TB to New Hampshire... time flies by - but stay tuned for more....

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