Saturday, July 18, 2015

back in town

for six whole days before we leave again... and timing was right for a visit from brother Steve and sister Suzanne! So on night one (Thursday- and oh by the way- I will  get back to the road trip through the heart of the midwest momentarily) we had sushi carried in from our long time fish guy who sadly announced his impending retirement at the end of the month (boo hoo! big time boo hoo!)

Then yesterday we had lunch at ToKOs KOreanos (see prior post for details)

We ate early and light- because last night we had chef's counter at 42 grams.... and that means early seating - dinner begins at 6PM.  Jake had been very busy creating new dishes since we were there last time (May 29th) and so we had lots of new things to taste - including these courses which were just fab!

here is the menu and then the dishes in order:

a genius at work!

two views of the new pea course - amazing! could be a dessert!

an old favorite- salmon on top of the world's best bread made of spent grains from beer brewing, toasted with miso butter (this is a "to-die-for" bread that they actually serve in heaven- and that is no lie!)

two views of another fabulous course with bulgar and this is what I want to eat for breakfast!

another new course the lamb neck- incredible preparation with crunchy outside and juicy shredded meat inside

Chef Emily at work!

the sweetbread course with foie gras that melts over the top when served-

the life changing A5 wagyu beef - still the best course ever anywhere anytime!

yum yum yum chocolate and tea and other goodies - OH MY!

palate cleanser - yuzu and white chocolate-

loved this dessert this time- last time it was so foreign to me - but this time I loved it after not being so overwhelmed by the "newness" -----

So another incredibly fabulous meal - and tonight we are off to Alinea.....

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