Sunday, July 19, 2015

a few more meals

so from the ridiculous to the sublime- we had lunch on the day of our Alinea reservation at Frank n Dawgs... today we had the taco dawg and the brunch dawg and the truffle waffle fries.... - today we picked Donald Trump from the Wall of Shame that the place uses instead of number tents - for delivery of food to your table.... (Sadly his card has been defaced LOL by those who aren't big fans)

somewhat less stellar than previous trips (with a much smaller selection of gourmet encased meats than we have had in the past)

later of course we had our Alinea dinner and it was - as usual - mind blowing... not as approachable as our dinner last night at 42 grams which was innovative and stellar cooking and to my mind - more satisfying than the twice the price Alinea despite differing by a single Michelin star.

here is the menu and then the courses following the menu-

Two photos of the graffiti'd course

Next a few photos of the assemblage of the course with a broth steeped in the tea kettle and then poured over the remaining ingredients - a Indian influenced dish that I really liked a lot!

three bites as the next three dots on the menu-

then three coordinated items - one on driftwood - another on a campfire... LOL

and burning in the campfire wrapped in seaweed a pork belly nugget that was excellent-

hot and cold potato with truffles! YUM!!!!

Amazing rabbit course-

the first desert  a cheesecake course-

the second - a balloon of green apple-

the third desert- painted onto our table- Pollack style

an amazing show but not exactly a "meal" like we had last night- so I can still easily say 42 grams was the winner of this two day contest- LOL

tomorrow- bahn mi for lunch and then duck at Sun Wah for dinner before S&S leave for O'Hare and their 10 PM flight to Copenhagen! So more later and the promised road trip review post!

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