Monday, July 20, 2015

finally! - the road trip

So even though time has passed since we returned from our week long road trip in the midwest, I haven't had a chance to do a recap of the trip - which in general was a huge success but had one major FAIL which I will get to much much later....

recognize this sign?  think about it and the answer will be revealed in due course- LOL

we started out on Wednesday afternoon and left about 12:30 for DTW - the first destination.  of course we left home right after my night-owl husband got up, so our first stop was lunch LOL...

when we arrived we checked into the Dearborn Inn and shortly thereafter Fred Lee picked us up and we went to my favorite pizza place in the Midwest! Buddy's original location on the edge of Hamtramck!

ooooohhh the crispy edges! they are so good- worth the 4.5 hour drive!

a very nice antipasto salad to help you feel like your heart will make it through the evening after the pizza!

back at the hotel we bid adieu to Fred and made plans for our outing to Hitsville USA (the Motown Museum) the next day (with a stop for lunch at Lafayette Coney Island)

on to the really fabulous museum - small but heavyweight exhibits on the birth of the Motown sound and the recording labels of Berry Gordy and his incredible artists line up- no photos inside but you can go and see Michael Jackson's white glove and fedora for yourself !

ticket stub- 

By the time we got finished in Hitsville USA we still had a couple of hours to spend at the Henry Ford museum (which we had skipped last year in favor of doing the outdoor Greenfield Village in the good weather.) So off we went and we bought a two day ticket so we could finish the museum before leaving town- 

 we made it through the first four blocks of the museum (above) the presidential vehicles (below)

one of the earliest trains- note the coaches are actually coaches- LOL

a famous "camper" -

various cars of interest for design or other reasons-

of course- being the Ford museum there was a lot of focus on road rips and car travel but - a few things on flying since Ford built plane engines as well-

the route of (now) I-75 which was being constructed when we were kids and each year on our trip to Anna Maria we would find another segment of highway done- the last part of course was through the mountains around Knoxville and Chattanooga and then north of Atlanta where we always saw handmade quilts for sale along the roadside... something was distinctly out of fashion at the time...

some familiar signs along the way-

Then into Aviation before closing time-

Ford tri-motor- and Lucky Lindy's Spirit of St Louis-

Two photos as the day heads to a finish- first the quiz photo - and yes it is the HOJO (Howard Johnson's) sign and the second a familiar sight to boomers - the molded plastic car machine (or any other item for that matter) which made such a horrible smell in the process of turning out you toy...LOL

I guess this was the first step towards 3-D printing LOL....

so tomorrow we finish The Henry Ford and head into Cleveland for more music and good eating...

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