Monday, July 20, 2015

the return trip!

So on the final two days of the trip we headed back towards Chicago - through an horrific rainstorm between Akron and Toledo on the Ohio Turnpike and into to Toledo in time for dinner... which we had a the lovely Ciao! a wonderful throwback to good Italian supper club style dining with excellent service and wonderful food-

the next morning we headed back (first trip last year) for the second time to the Toledo Museum of Art-


Gallery 35 has an outstanding collection of Impressionist masterpieces...

but the other galleries are packed with gems as well-

including two Rembrandts!

a really fine museum which is worth a detour if you are anywhere near the area---

we headed home from there stopping for dinner to try to avoid the rush hour outbound on LSD north to our house- but no avail - we did however pretty much finish our car audio book in the traffic (minus less than 3 minutes LOL) so it wasn't too aggravating!

next up - the day after tomorrow we leave for Dublin and a meet up with cousin Iddo! Stay tuned!

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