Monday, September 21, 2015

absolutely perfect weather

for an evening event outdoors... so we went off to the first Chaine des Rotissuers  event for the 2015-2016 season.  The kick off dinner was at the Duck Inn where we have had several memorable meals. Chef Kevin Hickey a long time Chaine member cooked up a fabulous menu for our meal-

so on with the "show" just a small portion of the glassware for the nearly 70 members and their guests who attended the festivities-

Chef Kevin and helper work on the pig- which is being steamed in a contraption known as a Chinese Box...

guests and members begin to arrive-

each place setting has the full menu and background information on the food and the organization along with a list of members of the chapter..

the pig gets paraded around the garden - a nice tribute to his sacrifice for our enjoyment

a couple had a shared birthday celebration on this exact date-

some promo materials from the restaurant -

their signature dish - recommended to order ahead to guarantee getting one when you visit-

the Chaine menu booklet-

The food was very very good but not photogenic- LOL- but trust me- worth a visit to the Duck Inn to try it out... so you have to imagine it from the descriptions of the preparations... we left before dessert because our day tomorrow is a busy one- with last minute details to get to the house sitter about cat stuff and I haven't packed yet (Phil planned ahead and did it over the weekend...)

so this was a brief summary of dinner al fresco at Duck Inn - and my only complaint was it was over subscribed- too many people in too little space... should have been a 60 limit 56 would have been even more manageable- but live and learn- next time I will keep an eye on how many tickets are available - because those who know me know how much I HATE crowds.... I was lucky because I sat between Phil and a woman I know from Chicago Gourmets and like very much... - LOL the trend to communal tables is seriously NOT me... but that is why I am spending the next three weeks with a group tour of TWO of us- LOL... only me and Phil.... and our driver and our guide... it works so much better that way...

so we are off! and when we get back we have a whirlwind of final Chicago stuff before we head south - and further south (Cuba) and back to school etc... all our now usual winter activities... stay tuned...

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