Thursday, October 29, 2015

still on their game

So we continue our farewell tour of our favorite Chicago restaurants on the day after the Michelin Stars were announced.  Goosefoot retained its star status and we know why....

I might say it is the soup- which is always amazingly good- or any of the other beautifully presented courses... but really it is the warm welcome everyone receives when they dine there- Chris and Nina make everyone feel like a valued customer.  Over the last several years we have watched Nina get to know many first time diners and she truly cares about where they come from and how they heard of the restaurant and if they are celebrating a special occasion.... she is a naturally friendly, big hearted woman and Chris is an artist with food.

so last night's dinner was the latest in a series of terrific meals we have had at goosefoot and we look forward to many more... only four minutes by car from our house - neighborhood dining is fabulous both slightly west with goosefoot and slightly east with 42 grams... we feel lucky to be where we are- in lovely Andersonville....

last night's menu-

and last night's food-

and the wines - the white was over the hill but the red was fabulous!

so two more nights before we "get out of Dodge" and currently we are planning Korean and Mexican- neither of which is an option (or a good one) in our winter hometown.... great seafood, terrific Italian and excellent high end dining- NO ETHNIC (a serious flaw) so in the last week we have had our fabulous Chinese and our Vietnamese bahn-mi and are headed to other "joints" before we leave town.... probably won't see too much posting about these.

Last night we had our final 2015 meal at Restaurant Michael - where we met up with our friend Judy... it was such great dinner conversation I forgot all about taking photos so I only have one- LOL
- of an excellent appetizer of tuna and salmon tartare- the meal was wonderful but I was distracted by the socializing- so sorry...

and... I have actually begun on the Romania photo selection (deleted 160 photos yesterday) but probably won't get to the posting until we are in warmer climes - so stay tuned and don't give up hope...

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