Wednesday, January 13, 2016

a winner! actually two winners!

Yesterday Phil started his winter term class and today I went off to school for my class on the Cold War...

I am so not going to recite all I learned today but I will say that the class seems to be very interesting and we have a lot to cover in just eight classes of 80 minutes length.

And after class I picked up Phil and we headed out to lunch.  We tried a new place today and we had a winner! The Central Cafe in the Old Manatee section of town in a brick building that has a small backyard under a pergola- so when the weather is warmer than it was today you can sit outdoors-

cute place- eclectically decorated-

nice service and amenable chefs (food prepared the way you want it) - we had two soups - tomato blue and cream of mushroom - nice and hot on a chilly is winter here after all- then we each had the bacon and blue burgers which were cooked to the temperature of choice... served with excellent fries and  good pickles and red ripe tomatoes...

I didn't take pictures so I pulled these from the yelp website - credit where due- Yelpers helped me!

burger and in the house made square bun- but our tomatoes were riper!

tomato blue soup- very nice and served hot!

a place to return to for sure!

On Friday we have another new place to try before the Spuyten Duyvil concert at Fogartyville. So I will keep you posted.  And yes I know I promised to get us to Cienfuegos - but it will be tomorrow because I am done for the day - my cat is nudging me to give her some attention!

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