Sunday, February 28, 2016

I notice tonight...

some places are so much a part of our routine that we tend not to notice them- and having posted the following intro to my last review of a meal out, I feel like I should make note of one of our long time favorites -

here is what I wrote-
    "we go with friends to the top rated restaurant in our area and I find myself wishing I could travel back in time- I wish I had been more observant when I was young - really young- because things have changed so much and so much is lost - if only I had been paying closer attention.... I would have committed more details to memory maybe taken the box camera out to record some of those things that so quickly disappeared... funny what a single meal can bring on... LOL"
and tonight I want to note a place we have been going for more than four years now- one of our "regular" spots, Cafe Baci... We first went on the evening of Superbowl Sunday in 2012... and we met Lorraine.  And we have been going there ever since then.  We have taken all our visitors there for dinner over the years and Lorraine has met our daughter, Angela and our friends, Lynn, Maryanne, Matt & Ann, Cousin Michele and brother Larry, brother and sister in law Steve & Suzanne- you get the picture.  We love this old school Italian right out of the 'hood... Terrific food- especially the seafood and the veal but pastas are very worthy as well...

tonight we went and you would think we hadn't eaten for days- we had calamari - so tender, with the spicy red sauce.  They comp an antipasto plate for all open table reservations so we had that, and all the breadsticks and focaccia...LOL and then proceeded to mains of lasagne bolognese and veal sarda... all good!  We brought a 1985 Lynch- Bages which was as good as they get and enjoyed it with the perfect meal for Bordeaux (short of filets in bordelaise sauce LOL)

This is a place we have been to so many times, that the last time we were there Roberto (the owner) told us we were their best customers - which we denied since we go regularly but not like every week or even every other week... more like every six weeks or so... but he said his open table reservations showed us as having been in 30 times LOL--- OK so 30 times in nearly five years- that might be possible.  It is our fave Italian American place- and I do want to mention that if they have the panna cotta on the menu you MUST order it! A family recipe - it is all made by Roberto!

I WAS paying attention to the meal and I am writing about it - because who knows what the future holds and we have had so many great meals here that I want to be sure to take note of the wonderful times they have hosted for us!

some online photos - from yelp- of the outdoor sign (old school and easy to spot on 41 south out of downtown Sarasota)  the antipasto plate- just a nice way of saying thanks...and the bread basket of amazing bread sticks and terrific focaccia...

the bread comes with a pesto of sun dried tomatoes- excellent!

so I know I might forget sometime in the future to note everything good that comes my way but right now I want to be sure Cafe Baci is on that list.... #lifeisgood

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