Saturday, June 25, 2016

our first deck dinner

so last night we had a wonderful evening - our first dinner party on the deck- with excellent wines and friends and food - a perfect combo-

Mon & Beth came in and Shari (who lives nearby joined us)

Shari did the appetizers of oysters, scallop ceviche and mussels...all terrific and she also brought a lovely Henriot Champagne 1998! and a very nice Chenin from a California vineyard I didn't know-

Mon brought a wonderful red - a 2012 Cab from Davis Estates

All our guests were extremely generous and left wine as well - a pinot rose and a Chassagne Montrachet- we'll hold those for our next celebration!

here are the photos-

the meal started with a chilled zucchini soup with creme fraiche and cilantro

then we had tenderloin with three side salads - Thai watermelon and radish- sesame sugar snap peas and lentils with tomatoes, mint and feta.  I think from the left overs that the favorite was the watermelon and radish salad made with Thai basil and fish sauce and radishes... I thought it quite good.

we finished with Figs and grapes and four cheese - with an Y'quem from 1981... Parmesan - a Comte- a Saint Angel triple cream and Stilton... all in all a really great inauguration of the new deck- which still needs to be power washed and stained but looks to be just right for us! 

now back to Canada!

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