Monday, July 4, 2016

almost forgot

Oh my - things are quite busy and so I completely missed the Friday night outing for Steppenwolf's production of Constellations and then dinner at a new (to us) place called Oyster Bah....

this play reminded me of a David Ives play called "Sure Thing" on steroids- it started with the same - millions of alternative paths in life and went much much deeper on the scientific and existential levels and explored the relationship between two characters on multiple levels while interweaving some theoretical physics and quantum mechanics as the cocktail they were "stewing" in -

interesting intellectually but I never really related to the female character - a bit more to the male lead but overall I found it a thoughtful play but not one that grabbed me emotionally.  You can by the way see the David Ives play "Sure Thing" in various iterations on You Tube- a short fifteen minute funny film about alternative paths on the route to love... or even a date LOL-

Sure Thing is a short comic play by David Ives featuring a chance meeting of two characters, Betty and Bill, whose conversation is continually reset by the use of a ringing bell, starting over when one of them responds negatively to the other.

after the play we went to the Oyster Bah nearby - for some seafood- had some oysters- some crab legs- some chowder, some ceviche, and fish and chips, along with seafood salad- all quite good-

we brought our own (corkage fee reasonable) and it was perfect- still young and balanced - great with the seafood based menu we chose!

we headed home late and crashed - lots of holiday weekend plans--- so this 1st of July evening was the beginning of our settled in part of the summer in the city - Chicago!

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