Saturday, July 16, 2016

gorgeous goosefoot reset

our friends Nina & Chris Nugent have a refresh for the goosefoot menu and some gorgeous new courses... the new concept (which began in January when we were south for the winter) has limited the number of covers for the night and is more interactive with the diners.

when they called and asked us to change our 8:30 reservation to 6:30 we weren't too thrilled - as many of you know we lean toward later times as I lean towards "night owl" but Phil is well past that with 4am to noon sleeping hours... we usually start thinking about dinner around 8 PM LOL-  but these folks are dear to us so we acceded to the request.

the new menu was both beautiful and full of flavor and the artistic designs for the presentations were an added value- with both Nina and Chris creating various presentations.

but on with the show! This was such a wonderful meal and lovely evening....

the entire menu- now wood grain and seedless (they gave us gifts of seeds for pea tendrils at the end of the meal)

we begin!


so Chris and Nina knew it had recently been our anniversary and had a beautiful bouquet of roses for us as well- they are just such nice people!
and they knew we had been away so long because of the sale of the house and the move into the condo... now mostly accomplished - still need to ditch the palace drapery...LOL so stay tuned!

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