Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Birthday Bash

So we got back on Monday night from the Coachella Valley - after a very short (extremely short) night's sleep of three hours and then Tuesday was Phil's birthday! Luckily the Chaine had already taken care of it- LOL because their October event was happening this week at Oriole!  Any recent reader will know that this is among our top favorite restaurants in Chicago.  WE love everything about Oriole - the chef - the pastry chef  - the GM  - the somm... the food - the welcome - the farewells LOL everything.... so when the Chaine decided to hold an event there we were thrilled.

Here is the menu from last night broken down into manageable "bites" so to speak... LOL

We started with a wonderful cocktail in the freight elevator (sounds weird but is completely cool and the cocktail was very nice - infused green tea based with some chartreuse and I think gin) Then we went into the main dining area and mingled a bit with some of the other guests and greeted staff members we know from prior visits.  Then we sat down to Phil's favorite champagne- LOL (his birthday dinner began exactly as if he had planned it LOL)

 the food will follow the menu order-

  (my version did not have the coconut dashi due to allergy)

the spring roll is among my favorite courses - so flavorful!

on to the next group of courses- 

the next dish of wagyu tartare was gasp worthy OMG- so good- and the the puffed beef tendon was perfect crunch to go with the softness of the high end beef- rumor has it they are massaged LOL - and to give it a full spectrum of flavors and textures a beef broth was served along with the tartare...

this vermouth combination was excellent - so make note of those two - combined and then se4rved on the rocks...

  the trout also got it's own broth enhancement-

this photo does not do justice to this course which had numerous textures and flavors going on in this small bowl-

the bread with crunchy bits - is terrific - again the textures just WOW you at Oriole...

the to die for pasta without and then with the shaved truffles on top - everyone at the table had the same reaction of OMG!

OK I know this looks like an ordinary croissant - maybe even a good one but it is filled with raclette and is fabulous!

I love the flavors of this chicory custard dessert! and the liquid nitrogen freezing process gives incredible texture to the course as well-

Phil's mignardise - with a birthday greeting on the tray...

the talented team that brought this spectacular meal to all of the diners last night!
the menu as printed 

and a photo I love, from the wall of the restaurant which has little to distract you from the food - this cute guy makes me smile every time I see him -partly because he is cute and more because I know we have had or about to have another outstanding meal at Oriole Chicago!

tonight dinner with friends - tomorrow and Friday theater tickets - so watch for those reviews and in the meantime I will be sure to catch up with the #deserttrip2016 photos and synopsis of the three day music festival we just got back from....

as always - stay tuned!

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