Wednesday, October 12, 2016

truffle season!

White truffles have arrived and we had the truffle menu at Osteria Langhe tonight- the four course menu was as follows - all with the white truffles -

a country egg- a pasta course with butter - a steak and pureed potatoes and panna cotta with truffled honey....

we also had a course of plin to share before the menu and the well...

we had a variety of excellent wines-

 the plin

somehow I missed the pulipo - I went to the ladies room and when I came back the plin were waxed off (Phil had saved me some) and the pulipo was being eyed ravenously by the table mates- who told me I had to divide it- LOL so I went right in for it - forgetting the picture...

a wine compliments of the house for the truffled panna cotta dish-

before we left home we sampled two wines -

the tasty freeze across the street usually looks quite appealing but I think tonight the truffle menu made it something to joke about but not consider seriously although I am a huge fan generally of soft serve ice cream and custard...

so tomorrow a night at the theater and then the following night a night at a different theater and then we get ready for a visit from Jeremy and my trip to Florida to open up the condo... time is flying by- soon Lucy and I will be on the road south... but stay tuned because we hit all the faves before we leave town- goosefoot, 42 grams,  oriole and more!

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