Saturday, November 19, 2016

an upbeat evening

was had in our cozy club in Sarasota called Fogartyville... last night we heard a concert and saw some media from John McEuen (an individual performer and member for only 50 years of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) - a comic and a musician - who plays numerous stringed instruments- he had the audience laughing and sometimes singing while he entertained us for three hours.  The NGDB was the first American band to be invited to the soviet union to play and he had some wonderful period movies from that tour.

Now 71 years old, he has lots of good stories about the 50+ years of performing and traveling.  He now makes his home nearby and the drummer lives just down the road a bit.... so this was a treat for him as well... after the show he could drive 20 minutes and sleep in his own bed...

Our table mates were from Nova Scotia and we got on famously immediately and hope to run into them again at the Blues Festival coming up soon... we all were scheduled to go already.  The group of them included two couples Jimmy and Cathie and Steve and Susan and their friend Mike (from Michigan).  They (as all good Nova Scotians do) all played instruments and were well versed in many genres of music... terrific mates for the pre-concert conversation and for intermission time passing...

before we went out for our Friday concert, I was busy at home with my lighting project - wherein I installed the same Edison style lights we have in Chicago down here in the Florida condo - except this time I had to do it without Tim's assistance LOL...

but it is done and looks good- so to celebrate we went over to the Riverhouse for dinner on the water-

Fogartyville was packed last night- people outside on the patio as well as indoors-

 Jimmy and Steve in the lower left of the photo-

his latest album - made in Brooklyn - literally - LOL-

a nice evening with good folks on stage and off.... tonight we regroup and tomorrow the ballet- with Barb and then meet the guys for dinner in St. Armand's - the ballet is being supported by a live orchestra for this performance at the Opera House- and just as a bit of background - here is some info on our adorable little opera house here in town-


So after tomorrow I will be back with a review of the ballet- and more... so stay tuned!

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