Friday, December 2, 2016

BB, C & D

So tonight- and yes I am still humming - we heard two terrific symphonies - and one that hurt my ears, it was so awful....

So the C & D of the title were the two terrific performances- Copland (who is a favorite of both Phil's and mine) and New World Symphony (which I was humming all the way home) from Dvorak.

The two (Copland and Dvorak) are among my all time favorite 20th century works. The Copland symphony debuted in 1944 and the Dvorak work was premiered in December 1893 - he had been touring the "New World" to discover "American" music and import its characteristics into his own compositions.  So while not technically 20th century - it was so on the cusp of the 20th and so of the sensibilities of the American landscape that I put in the category.

We knew we loved the two pieces we specifically went to hear, but the horror of the third was new to me... I thought I liked Prokofiev... but not this piece- it was horribly discordant and screechy (I kept thinking the guy's violin was out of tune!)

So overall - an excellent night of music - to be followed by a day of music the BB of the title- the Bradenton Blues Fest- the weather is predictably wonderful as it mostly is in early December and the high should be 81* and mostly sunny to be at the waterfront location on the very wide Manatee River along the Riverwalk for the (I think) fifth year... I know it is our third in a row--- here is the line up...

of course we will need to report back on the BBF- (not to be confused with the SFF LOL) but our weekend of music started off well.

On Sunday we head south - the first leg of a journey further south to Colombia on Monday so plenty to see hear and do around here.... stay tuned!

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