Sunday, November 27, 2016

an eating odyssey

so it was Thanksgiving weekend-  weekend of eating - yes- we joined in the tradition and kept on eating after the actual holiday and the leftovers the following lunch... LOL-

We also got to go to the beach - it was 77* and sunny on Saturday - the first pic was made by google out of my photo... I think it is a nice emphasis of what I saw- if not 100% true to life...

but to back track to the eating part- LOL here is our meal at indigenous from Friday night- oh by the way we ate outside all weekend long-

both wines showed really well!

the mushroom bisque a MUST try!

the sturgeon tartine - terrific new addition to the menu!

Larry's amberjack with Thai green curry-

Phil's lamb meatball dish

my burger! with duck fat fried potatoes....

Then on Saturday we thought we would swing by Star Fish in Cortez Village and see if there was any space in the lot to park - if so we would go eat dockside--- which we did-

then we went to the beach (photos above) and then came home in time for sunset and then went out to dinner at Harry's on LBK-

the starters- Phil's scallops - Larry's chowder and my onion soup-

Larry's hog fish and Phil's duck and my scallop Rockefeller-

again outside! with some good wines-

By the end of Saturday we were all beyond the stuffed point and so, after Larry headed home to Miami this morning, we had two simple meals at home. And I might have mentioned LOL - we are still in al fresco dining mode... so lunch was outside and dinner too!

This week - final prep for Colombia trip and dinner with CBGB and the Symphony - this time with a favorite - Copland... among other works... keep you posted....

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