Saturday, December 17, 2016

life on the streets

so we did some touring around town with our fun guide Brayan and his cousin Christian and the driver Caesar.... we did La Popa - the monastery overlooking the city and the Fortress along side the walled city and we had also done some time inside the city walking around and checking out the food vendors on the street...

so here are some photos from our various travels about the city-

up to the top of town-

down to the fortress-

and at the emerald museum and jewelry factory-

a few night time shots - the squares were lit for the holidays-

a few of our hotel - which was extremely charming-

and a farewell sunset from the plane on the return trip to the U.S.- a quick but nice trip- a holiday getaway for the four of us... stay tuned for several good meals upon our return... coming up next!

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