Saturday, January 7, 2017

moments of beauty

no matter how we feel about the news everyone has a way to escape- for "Calgon to take them away" as the old commercial used to say.  One of mine is the symphony.  So last night we headed to concert three of the season of the Sarasota Orchestra.  A guest conductor was scheduled for the evening of Beethoven and Brahms so we didn't know what to expect.  The guy was excellent! The Orchestra was as good as we have ever heard them and the evening was really enjoyable, despite the rains which were among the first we have had since November... it has been quite dry and we sorely needed the precipitation....

so here is the "fare" for last night-

the piano soloist was terrific if a bit on the dramatic side (the arm flourishes as if she were a ballerina could have been left out and I wouldn't have been less impressed LOL) but the conductor was so good I said to Phil on the way out that it Anu Tali doesn't renew we should hire this guy... Phil's reply was that he was already too important to be conducting at this level full time...  anyway I am happy he dropped in to guest conduct then because he was masterful!

tonight we are off to a concert at Fogartyville... rain continues today and tomorrow-and we are having our winter on Sunday- high of 59* - but by late next week back to 79* so don't weep for us yet LOL.

stay tuned for reviews of tonight's concert and my upcoming class (first session)... the holidays are over and a busy winter awaits....

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