Thursday, March 9, 2017

our bay

this afternoon we went to hear a lecture on the effect of Climate Change on Sarasota Bay.  After that we went to grab a quick meal at Nancy's BBQ and then had a drink at Muse before joining John, Barb, Barbara and Joanne at Asolo for the play "The Great Society" (reviewed in the What If post)

And because we live by MFK Fisher's words around here "first we eat..." we will start with photos of the BBQ place we had our grab a bite meal here-

I had the brisket and pulled pork combo with beans and cole slaw- and Phil got ribs and pulled pork with beans and brunswick stew- all good but the brisket won IMO-

and amazingly it was the lecture that got us here- LOL- the slides shown to the attendees had one of this very intersection and it reminded me that we had been wanting to try this place for a really long time..... so off we went from the lecture to explore the traffic circle from the slides- LOL

so back to the lecture itself-

check out this info - there are many great tidbits in here-

here are some eye popping stats about the economic effect the bay has on the area via tourism to jobs to activities and even specifics about property values as you get closer to the waterfront property -

much less diurnal divergence in heat island areas

after more than 700 heat related deaths in that horrible Chicago summer of 1995... more than half of July over 100* (we remember it clearly) the city started a green roof program and has had great success with it-

for those who live around here this is a waaaay cool website about climate for our own backyards - and you can see how micro climates can vary dramatically -

more eye popping stats on who uses fresh water and it isn't you in the shower!

here it is on a global basis - with the winter (and less leaf cover hence less use of CO2) you can see how much more CO2 is produced in the photos from NASA of the atmosphere - the summer when we have full leaf cover shows a vastly different picture! (the whole year can be watched on the Internet)

so an informative lecture (and Jeff Rodgers is coming up with more fun and games during his lecture on 3/22 which Phil will attend when I am elsewhere LOL) and a good bite pre-theater

A winning day all around! Stay tuned for more!

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