Sunday, March 5, 2017

been and going

Our friend Jean arrived last week on Thursday night and we had a whirlwind Friday together before she headed south in the exploratory quest for a location to move to next September when she retires from her long time job in Portland Maine... we had a late breakfast on AMI and then an early dinner before a concert on Friday night at Fogartyville.  The weekend has been quiet with trip planning and prep for Uzbekistan (making up packing list) and Ireland (running through the logistics and what we have left to do) and Republic of Georgia (background reading) --- so this afternoon we found out that we had nearly missed the Jewish Film Festival and spent some time going through how to fit a few movies into our already full schedule....LOL - we can sleep when we're dead I guess LOL

so Monday we have the wine group with MaryAnn and Gene and the Venice folks and Tuesday Jean returns for the night after we meet the Salzburg group for dinner down south a bit and then Wednesday we have the Climate Change lecture at Temple Sholom and then dinner before the theater (The Great Society) - so yeah why not add three films on the last two days I am in town before leaving for the Caucuses LOL?

I thought the logo was funny because it looks like a Trivial Pursuit disc to me with all the pie pieces filled.... 

but oh yes - back to the concert from Friday - an enjoyable evening with a group called Outside Track which consisted of four women and one man who played  Irish and Scottish and Maritime Canadian music (one of who we had seen before with another group last year in March called Full Set) Nothing amazing but a nice way to pass an evening in good company (Jean, our friends Barb and John and their friends Joanne and Kathy) Here are a few photos -

and who knew Sarasota was developed by  Scottish man? 

so off we go to another busy week and leading up to my big spring adventure - so stay tuned.... always more fun...

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