Tuesday, April 4, 2017

even more films

So third day on the film fest brought two more good films - one of them a standout!

First, I saw 44 pages- a delightful documentary about the renown HIGHLIGHTS magazine for kids.

there was a short film with the 44 pages documentary called Les Cloys

It was interesting enough but I didn't have any emotional connection to the film- it was just an intellectual (just the facts ma'am) type of response...

And then we saw the fabulous MISSION CONTROL-

by the time we left the theater we had only a few choices for a dinner - so we headed to Selva Grill and had some good ceviche and empandas and fish (sea bass for me and paella for Phil)

home late and up early and tonight the same as we do two more films and dine at Columbia for the last time this "winter"...  so stay tuned for more fun at the film fest and more posts on the Uzbekistan trip too!

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