Friday, May 5, 2017

reasons and excuses

So I know I have been seriously remiss in keeping up the blog... I will try to get completely caught up before we go to NYC mid month... which will be quite the challenge since I and we have been busy... but here goes - have to start somewhere and we will start literally at the top!

The amazing meal we had with Steve and Suzanne when they visited a week ago - at oriole...

here is the menu - and then the dishes -

so off we go with the photos of this amazing meal!

 the take home dessert!

the wines - with the Lafite being the WOE-

so all in all a tremendous evening - the service outstanding the food mind blowing and the ambience so warm and friendly that you would never say to yourself - Michelin two stars are all stuffy because this one definitely breaks that belief down completely!

Next up- my five days down south for various reasons -most of which had to do with closing up the condo but I also managed to squeeze in a ballet and a play - so off we go- stay tuned...

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