Friday, May 5, 2017

still going strong!

Well - we knew we would get a fabulous meal at 42 grams (we always have) but I was completely blown away by the continuing creativity of Chef Jake... this was a masterful presentation of incredible subtlety... nuanced flavors and textures in many new courses... a complete and total winner!

here is the menu-

our wine selections both showed really well tonight

following the menu from above- salmon starter-


foie gras-


toro toro toro ! with snail's eggs from Poland farms...LOL no not kidding...

dulse and crab -

Pig's head in squash blossom tempura fried-

lamb's neck and amazing sauce-

A5 wagyu

the incredible cheese course


my dessert - sans coconut and Phil's dessert avec coconut-

and the Sparrow coffee espuma! yum yum yum thank God somethings never change-

and here is an indicator of the day- May 5th yes May 5th and it was freezing out- hence EVERYONE wore coats---

so soon we are off on DART 2017 and we will be indulging in goodies such as this!

so stay tuned- more fun and games coming up!

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