Wednesday, June 21, 2017

half a week LOL

so the father's day weekend came and went and Phil got stuck for hours and hours in NYC waiting to get back to Chicago (while we had no more than five minutes of rain despite being desperate for it) so I went off the the Chaine dinner at Salero without him (boo hoo for him)

We had a very nice meal but the company was even better as I got to sit with Shari & Kevin and John & Stephanie and to renew acquaintances with Jennifer and Steve as well.... and meet potential new member Mai who is working towards being a Master Somm....

I have no food photos (the professional ones from the Chaine site are always fabulous and I will add some when they get posted) only one to credit to Todd Arkebauer who had such a fabulous shot I had to use it for the opening one of this post! Isn't this magnificently composed and mouthwatering at the same time?

photo credit- Todd Arkebauer

so here is the menu-

and these were the wines-

a little background on the Chicago Chaine

a lovely evening with good food and friends!  the end of the 2016/17 season - the Chaine will be back in September with a new year of amazing dining and wine events----

So that was Monday and on Tuesday night we went to Brian & Tina's for a potluck for the summer solstice

another wonderful evening of friends and food...

today I got the deck ready for being away and having someone come in to water plants - I usually stand on a ladder for the hanging plants but I moved them all to the table for easy access and to speed the process up for Tim and Eva who will be covering while I am away-

I have a few hooks that are very long and can give access at waist level to hanging pots so I put two of the five pots on those and vowed to get a few more- meanwhile I put the other three on the big table where they can be reached with ease-

the sky became overcast and despite not getting any rain - which we desperately need- I did get a funky reflection in the four top nearest the door - so because it caught my eye I took a picture LOL

now off to make up my packing list and start gathering things for the trip- my last minute list for things like - paying the cat sitter and moving the car to paid parking so it doesn't get ticketed/towed when the street cleaning happens (which is ALWAYS scheduled for when we are away LOL) stuff like that---

Always things to handle- we both say we don't have a clue how we once found time to work as well as handle the details of life but we weren't as over scheduled then - or at least not on a personal social level- more work stuff (I didn't become a million and a half mile flyer with United by staying home LOL) Probably won't see or hear much from me on the blog until we return from Ireland but meanwhile feel free to zip along the side bar with the dates of the previous hundreds of entries and just randomly choose a post or two - if your lucky you'll pick and exotic trip - if not - well- pick another!

See you soon!

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