Tuesday, August 22, 2017

center line totality

So yes we did it- we watched the total eclipse of the sun from the side of Old Hwy 54 in an area south of Fulton MO where we slept on Sunday night awaiting the Monday mid day eclipse... here is an Internet photo of an eclipse- LOL  ours didn't look like this because it came from the left side across the sun - covered it and then exited to the right side - this photo seems more top to bottom than our eclipse viewing

we have nothing so dramatic although my brother in law Steve Friedman did get a pretty decent photo of it and I got some nice 360* sunset photos-

before we headed out of town we had lunch at Fontenots Po Boys

here is a picture from the satellite view on google maps of where we were - with the center line in blue.... on the Old Hwy 54 off to the right hand side of the photo -

looking southeast during totality to the horizon and then to the northeast (have two more views and probably would have been useful to learn how to do panorama photos on my phone before hand wouldn't it? OH well - something to learn before 2024...

some more charts -

it was worthy- and afterward we packed up and headed back in to St Louis... had dinner with Phil's family

and then came back to Chicago arriving around 2:10 AM so now off to a good night's sleep LOL stay tuned as life gets back on a more routine schedule....

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