Friday, August 18, 2017

eclipse blind

l as I mentioned before - after a three year wait - the eclipse is here!
This is the opening of my March 7, 2014 blog post -

"Tuesday, March 4, 2014   world's cutest 65 year old guy!!!!

so Angela and Lee came to visit and Larry came up from Miami... the number one choice of attractions on Angela's list was to visit Snooty... he lives at the Parker Aquarium in the South Florida Museum. We did stop to take in the Star Talk at the all new planetarium (which was great) now we know not to miss the solar eclipse August 21, 2017 in Murfreesboro TN! but on to Snooty- the main event!"  he is 65 and incredibly slobbery cute (we are the ones slobbering over him- he is quite neat and very much the ladies man...)

and finally we have arrived!

so we are off and I want to post a photo that I have held on to for years because it was so beautiful... I will not be posting photos of my own- don't plan on taking any - plan on being in the moment since it isn't even that long of a "moment" in the grand scheme of things - LOL

and here are some tips-

  • don't forget the sunscreen- 
  • wear eye protection! SERIOUSLY!
  • and get as close to the center line of the totality as you can - for us south of Fulton MO-
  • and bring water (it's hot) and a jacket (it's cold during the eclipse)-
  • and bring cash (literally thousands of folks will be on the road that day and communications networks will be taxed- cash will get you in and out while others have to wait for credit card etc...
  • and fill your car up before the eclipse (the night before would be better)- 
  • bring a chair to sit on- 
  • and LOL I read to pack toilet paper because rest stops will be overused and you will need to fend for yourself LOL-

and some more things from a book I bought - which is full of tons of scientific stuff but also practical tips too!

So for those of you heading to you favorite location of the "center line" - have a great viewing! We are stopping on the way there and the way back in St Louis to see family for dinner Sunday and Monday but will be back in town (Chicago) late on the night of the eclipse and have plans with friends for dinner on the following two nights so more to report back on later...

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