Friday, August 18, 2017

finding new wine & food

So remember last week we met Jenny at the pop up dinner at Claudia which was the collaboration of Trevor Teich and Jake Bickelhaupt... well we had dinner this week with her at Publican at a Czech wine dinner.  We were joined at the chef's table by the wine importer and also the Czech Consul for Chicago along with several other folks who were happy to join in the convivial event!

It would be hard to pick a favorite course or wine because the wines were perfectly balanced for food- all had great acidity and enhanced the food combinations that the chef created. So on with the show....

Sausages aging for some future consumption!

after the chefs had cleaned up - their kitchen is spic and span and ready for tomorrow

Coming up- solar eclipse trip which includes family visiting- with brothers Larry and Sandy and nephew Jeff... and then back home to Chicago for several dinners with friends before we get to September and Labor Day... along with at least one concert and who knows what else will "pop up"?

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