Wednesday, September 6, 2017

not Don

So off we went to Quiote (pronounced like the Don but not spelled the same...LOL) - this would be a the term for the flower of the agave plant (dictionary definition LOL-  The edible peduncle of the agave plant, which supports its inflorescence.)

And that plant would be the one used to make Mezcal. Mezcal the featured drink and ingredient for tonight's Mondiale dinner at Quiote - I know it sounds like circular reasoning but it isn't - it is just all linked together - an evening of food, friends and facts about Mezcal.  We learned and tasted and learned....

The evening started with a glass of bubbly before heading to tables and hearing a bit about mezcal production and then tasting of two mezcales and then food with matching mezcal based cocktails and even wines.... so here is the menu and a few photos (I didn't get all the courses - nor did I get each of them in untouched condition LOL but I think you will get the idea...)

loved both the salad (above and the corn (below)

so sorry I missed the tres leches photo - it was very good - among my favorite courses-

a fun evening that we enjoyed tremendously and so did everyone else I think because they had to tell us to leave LOL- no one got up to go until then and it was quite the social event with table hopping by many folks so everyone could catch up with friends at this the kick off event of the 2017/2018 season of the Chaine des Rotisseurs.  We will be away in Oregon when the first Chaine dinner is held (Champagne and Caviar at Callihan's) and we will miss the National Chapitre meeting in October as well - boo hoo... but who knows what scrumptious venues over the season might tempt us....

tomorrow night we have a wine dinner at The Bristol which I will report back on after we have experienced the wines and food.... more to follow....

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