Friday, September 8, 2017

something old - something new

Well in the continuing saga, we tried a new place tonight - Pisolino (which means "nap" apparently LOL)

While not high end dining, it was good for what it was - a pizza and panini and pasta place, pretty close to home.  The service was five star and the corkage fee is reasonable... All and all we give it a thumbs up for sure as a lunch place and maybe only slightly less so for dinner.

and last night at the last minute we decided on the easy and nearby Ruyi (formerly Anna's Asian Grill) still good but I doubt it will be here next year we were literally two of three customers -

So we're still not starving LOL and we have a few days respite from extensive dining - as we watch the hurricane track move its way across the state of Florida towards our county - so we are glued to the forecasts to see how things go....

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