Monday, September 4, 2017

the hits keep coming

The Labor Day weekend flew by- on Sunday night we met John & Stephanie at Osteria Langhe -

a few photos from there (not all of what we ate- because we were deep in conversation most of the time LOL)

my two favorite dishes there are the octopus and the rabbit- which we had with two good wines but the white was the star of the evening -

This morning I baked cookies to take to the concert tonight-

Tonight we headed to Oak Park for a house concert of Brother Sun (who we had heard in the spring at a Sarasota house concert) - made up of Joe Jencks and Greg Greenway and Pat Wictor - these guys really put on a great concert- with songs from each of them and both individual and trio performances over the course of the evening....

Pat Wictor on "slide" guitar...

Joe Jencks on two of his guitars

Greg Greenway on keyboards and ukulele and guitar


Afterward we stopped off at Burrito House for a late night snack - since the early light dinner of leftovers that we had at home before driving out to Oak Park didn't sate us....LOL

Tomorrow a Mondiale event from the Chaine and then Wednesday a Flickinger wine dinner at the Bristol...we are actually really busy until the end of the month - with visits form Larry, and then a trip to Portland to see Steve & Suzanne, and then a visit from Laure and her family, then three more event dinners - a collaboration, a fund raiser, and a Chicago Gourmets dinner.  All before we leave for the Republic of Georgia.... so stay tuned!

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