Thursday, September 14, 2017

out of the park!

Alright- I figured it was OK to use the baseball analogy because after all - our dinner last night was at Oriole - named for the baseball team from Baltimore... and as noted, they again hit it out of the park with many new and fabulous courses.  We were again WOWed by the flavors and coddled by the service.  With Eden as our lead server, we were led through the culinary journey prepared by Noah and Tim and Genie and all who help make it look "easy" which of course none of it is, EXCEPT the eating part!

So on to the menu - I like to put up as the first photo the favorite new course and it was a toss up this time - but here is the winner by a tiny tiny fraction of whatever measurement we use for favorites.... more on this course and other new ones as we follow along with the meal -

a new presentation for the caviar- which was the best one yet!

the oyster course - and the jamon course with the amazing "stick" of flavors!

a new pork belly - YUM

a new course King crab! with a luscious sauce to dredge it through!

Then on to the next segment of  the salmon (shown above and again in the full presentation below) and the foie gras and the wagyu and various other flavors and tastes! but oops I somehow missed taking a photo of my beloved bone broth which was served as a "side"

the foie gras course was in the running for best new course for sure and only lost out by a teeny bit-

without the truffles shaved over (above) and with them (below)

then on to pre-dessert and dessert courses - first up an incredibly fun palate cleanser of cucumber flavors with a cool meringue on the top and a champagne froth (I'll take the larger one next time LOL)

a side view-

the mind blowing sweet corn mousse with pretzel and chocolate - Genie really is a genie-us!

ice cream sandwich- milk and cookies cookie and the final crunch of the evening !

our take home pie (for breakfast!)

we spent some time at the tail end of the evening in the kitchen hanging out - yes, we closed another place LOL  and for a good reason- this is a fun place to be, with great people all around- we did miss Aaron who was off at a Somm competition in NYC and Tory who has gone on to explore more career options but we already loved Eden and she covered for Aaron in his absence - so all is still good in "bird" land!!!!

tonight Tom Russell concert and tomorrow we leave for a weekend with Steve & Suzanne - so stay tuned!

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