Wednesday, October 25, 2017

it wasn't us!

LOL - so I just this very morning read this blog post from someone else - on Georgia and here are some hilarious (to me) quotes -

The Blog is called the Travel Tramp and the author is Richard Collett


This former Soviet Nation might only have a population of just 4 million people, but they’ll welcome any traveller adventurous enough to visit with steaming plates of dumplings, heart attack inducing feasts and an infamously extreme level of hospitality.
Georgia might not yet be on the tourism radar, but that’s soon to change. Travellers will find it impossible to ignore all that this Caucus nation has to offer. Georgia’s culture and cuisine- at the cross road of east and west- will leave you fascinated and over indulged, while the scenery will leave you reeling and breathless.
The time to visit Georgia is now, prepare your body for more food and drink than any person should even attempt to consume and catch the first flight to the capital city of Tbilisi before everyone else gets there first.
Among his list of top things to do in Georgia these sounded very very familiar- 


Georgians know how to cook, and they know how to eat. Dining out turns into huge feasts of local dishes, from hot plates of dumplings- Khinkhalis- to the renowned Khachapuri, a huge loaf of bread covered in cheese, butter and eggs. And of course washed down with beer and wine.


Georgian wine has been fermented for centuries, and over the years they’ve refined it into an art. You might not find their bottles on many Western supermarket shelves- yet- but the local wines are up there with the best that the rest of the world has to offer. Take a trip to the wine regions of Telavi, not far from Tbilisi, and indulge yourself in some new flavours and tastes from this little visited country.
what he actually meant to say was millennia--- 
so it wasn't that we had an unusual trip there - we were just enjoying typical Georgian hospitality LOL....

above a view from the bus window as we waited for five minutes of the cows surrounding us as they returned home for the evening's milking and bed for the night- 

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