Tuesday, October 24, 2017

now that we are done

with the blog posts on the trip I can catch you up with our lives since returning from Georgia-  maybe you will see why it takes so long to get stuff done ....

The day after we returned we took the day off from eating and drinking LOL- Then we had the following schedule for the week post trip-

Somerset with Todd & Evelyn on Tuesday - Kiki's Bistro with Shari & Kevin on Wednesday and on Thursday Phil went with Zack to watch the Cubs playoff game 5 for the pennant (which they lost) Friday night we had dinner at mfk. with John & Stephanie....

Sadly (for Phil) his Saturday night concert at WFMT was canceled but luckily all his FolkStage friends had future plans with him so he will get to see them all before heading south-

Sunday (the seventh night after our return) we had dinner with Ron & Mary at L. Woods Tap and Monday with Neil at The Bristol.  Tuesday we had a lecture at Northwestern by a lead counsel at the ACLU

This is as far on the schedule as we have actually gotten before this is posted - but Wednesday night a return to Oriole before we leave and Thursday night, a concert by Jeff Daniels at City Winery....

So while you might think that since we are retired we have nothing to do LOL we actually have plenty!!! 

I fly to SRQ on Saturday morning to open up the condo for the winter and to attend the first ballet of the season - returning on Monday so we can do our final week of farewells. 

Seeing Mike on Tuesday at Cafe Marbella and Sheila & Mary at Osteria Langhe on Thursday with a condo board meeting on Wednesday night (aaaaccck budget for next year).  Finally, I have a play and Phil a concert on Friday.  Then Lucy and I leave early early Saturday morning with the winter's wine supplies - two days driving to our time in the sun...

a few photos - some pulled from the Internet as we have been dining and socializing - not keeping up with the photos LOL... forgive me...

Somerset - the chicken that Phil ate for two days --- LOL (their websites' photo not mine)

Kiki's Bistro- the escargot were the number one choice but I did not get a photo LOL so I found one on yelp!

mfk. - albondigas!

L.Woods Tap- Phil went for the fried chicken! (again from yelp!)

The Brtistol-  the endive and manchego salad

Oriole (which will have its own post of course but in this recap one photo will represent the meal LOL it is also one my recurring faves...)

Cafe Marbella- the fab avocado salad-

Osteria Langhe- the plin!- we always order for the table LOL-

so tomorrow we are off to our final 2017 Oriole dinner - look for that and then the entertainment for the remainder of the week at the Jeff Daniels concert and the ballet season opener- and I might get a few more in before I leave but now the focus is on "getting out of Dodge" (where it has been in the 40s and raining the past two days and I have been questioning my timing...) more to follow!

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