Sunday, October 1, 2017

ready or not

we may not be ready but we will be going regardless- the schedule has gotten in inordinately busy with actual work (refi for the buildings) and fall clean up (it will be high of 53* the day we return) which weather necessitates (bringing in all the plants that winter inside and covering the porch furniture for the winter) so our last two nights we have just gone out to grab a bite and come back to keep plugging away at lists LOL

tonight we had another version of Chinese (so many regions to choose from and Orange Garden is traditional Cantonese food) - It is also among the worst things in Florida - there is only one decent Chinese place in the area and it is always mobbed (here it would not be the same as we have multiple options....)

the best hot and sour soup around-

flaky scallion pancake- excellent as usual-  like these better than the ones at Potsticker House (which has its own specialties)

Chengdu Dumplings in the Szechuan style - in the bowl and on the plate- the sauce was a fabulous blend of flavors and texture- the dumplings would have been perfect if they had only been served a bit hotter in temperature but we still enjoyed the sauce with the combo fried rice -

salt and pepper scallop -

crispy lemon shrimp needs more heat (spicy) so we added chili sauce

a perennial favorite the orange beef tenderloin with the hot peppers to give it some zing!

Plenty left over to bring home for Phil's lunch tomorrow before we head to the airport- for our overnight flight to Warsaw - where we have a nine hour layover (handled that by booking a day room at the airport hotel for rest- showers- a meal before heading to Tbilisi on a second overnight flight. We leave Monday at 9 PM and arrive on Wednesday at 4 AM- so we have lots of reading materials and all devices are charged and we are now ready to go (almost)....

It has been a strange year for travel in some ways.  It seemed disjointed - Uzbekistan in March and Ireland in June and now Georgia in October but it seems like we haven't been anywhere this year.  I think it's somewhat due to the fact that we were away last December (Colombia) and determined to spend our summer in Chicago... which we kind of sort of did....and we did have visits from S&S  and from Cousin Michele and Al & Carol  and Matt & Ann...LOL so I think that was what happened to summer - we had company - oh and Phil went to NYC for the music festival with #timeflies and as we always say #gonow.

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