Tuesday, December 5, 2017

24 hours

So yesterday evening we went to the "movies" at Asolo Theater.  A special showing was being held of Shakespeare in Love.  What a wonderful film! The theater company is doing a production of the PLAY of the same story and so they had arranged for the film to be shown before the run of the play.

What an absolute delight! Every performance was note perfect and there was so much fun amid the saddest love story ever told- Romeo & Juliet.  The ultimate tale of star-crossed lovers. Full of anachronistic jokes and mocking of contemporary Hollywood - the word play goes beyond the Bard's ever present genius, intertwining the modern day with 1593.

As Phil said afterward "more than four hundred years" and his words still have the ability to bring us to tears; they so touch the heart of the human condition. Fabulous use of three hours of our time.

The hits just kept on coming because then we went to the Blaze pizza place (seriously inconveniently located at UTC but close enough on a Monday night at 9PM with no traffic) and had really good - weirdly good - fast food pizza- Who knew???  It's like a Flat Top Grill for pizza- you pick the toppings and they blaze it in a 700* oven for a short time and it's yours to eat! Unexpectedly good!

And we got up today to a blue sky perfect day and since we are in the pre new year time (no school classes and most of our theater and ballet and symphony tickets start in earnest in January) we took the afternoon to sit at the dock and eat seafood.  then we brought home stone crab claws and wild line caught salmon from the fish market.  The ultimate #lifeisgood day!

so tonight we are eating outside - because the weather was warm today 85* and the courtyard is enclosed from the breeze that comes up after sunset-

photos of the Blaze experience

some stills from the movie

she was absolutely luminous! deserving of the Academy Award she won for this film "Best Actress" or more politically correctly "Best Performance by an Actress in a leading role" blah blah blah.... 

so life is very good and we are enjoying the calm of December before the hordes descend mid January to mid April... this is the absolute best time of year to be here- no lines - no traffic - great weather! what's not to love????

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