Monday, March 12, 2018

Oh yes- and school

so while I was doing all those other things as well as moving I also was going to class.  I am taking a spring semester class at Ringling College - thirteen weeks regular spring term... three credit hours (if you are matriculated- which I am not LOL)

here is where we are headed LOL for my class on skyscrapers- it is basically from Chicago to Shanghai

First a bit about my school-
it is quite impressive and also very expensive (I am given to understand) but when you see where the graduates are heading on career paths I guess many would consider good value-

below a quote from Sony Pictures IMAGEWORKS

so you can see it is a school creating practical talent- and last year we learned in a lecture unrelated to Ringling College that the NSA has been hiring RC grads to do graphic interface of massive data collected that business types need help interpreting- so lots of possibilities exist for post college positions apparently...

Any way - back to my course- the name of the course is Skyscrapers: From America to Asia

so here have been the opening slides for the lectures so far-

each lecture has been incredibly full of information but a detail level no possible to do quick summaries here -

today we did FL Wright and the Skyscraper - but the slides have not yet been posted... so no cover slide yet- but we go on to the third and fourth skyscraper ages along with green movement and suburbanization (the opposition movements) before the end of class April 30th... so I have lots more to come in class and will let you know as it evolves... but thought it would be useful to show I have not been twiddling my thumbs here during the time i was not posting...LOL - as if moving wasn't enough!

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