Thursday, June 14, 2018

another dinner

Last night - after eating at home for one night after our return from the wedding trip we decided to eat outdoors and to revisit a place we haven't been to in quite some time... Tre Kronor

we decided on two starters and two salads and then only made it through part of the entrees because we have over ordered LOL

the gravlax and the toast Skagen

then two salads one with avocado and blueberries and Danish Blue and the other with poached pears and candied walnuts and Danish Blue

 the entrees- Swedish meatballs and pork loin - the meatballs won the evening and those got finished the pork loin not so much... although they have pretty decent desserts we skipped them due to our over ordering LOL -

 tonight we are off a true food adventure to Boka (our first time) with friends - it is very highly regarded and has been for years -not exactly sure how we missed it but looking forward to giving it a try!  so more later - as usual....

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