Wednesday, September 18, 2019

chicago summer

we had some evenings out - of course and here are some of the photos -

we went back to the past and had a dinner at Lawry's -

I made a quick trip to Florida for some house repairs - and saw a play while there -

we had dinner at Silencieux for the first time - much noisier than expected

we had dinner with Neil at Bristol - he brought the wine LOL

we had dinner with Jenny and Eric at Cafe Cancale - very good again!

we had an OUTSTANDING meal at Smyth with Todd & Evelyn-


we tried Sal's Trattoria and Fish Bar in the hood- 

went out for Thai at Aroy Thai and needed ice cream to cool off - LOL

went to a play at Wit from Remy Bumppo and it was not fab- great performances but play was pretty awful horrid people being horrid to eat other- 

had an excellent meal with John & Stephanie at Steadfast where Jeremy Leven is now the head chef! 

Attended the opening event of the Chicago Chaine season at aboyer and caught up with Nick & Lee after a busy summer 

had a mediocre meal at Yuzu- decent sushi but deafening dining room that was so poorly lit you can't really see how beautiful the handiwork is there- 

so that brings us up to speed - Steve & Suzanne arrive tomorrow and we have lots of meals planned around their visit- so come back later to see where we went and how we fared in the quest for great cuisine....

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