Wednesday, September 18, 2019

we go to Ireland

so our trip this summer was three weeks in Ireland (Northern Ireland and Dublin and West Coast of Ireland) and then on to Iceland....

we had an interesting trip to Northern Ireland and Belfast - which I will post on in this post then I will add another post with the Ireland Music trip... then on to Iceland in a third post....

on our arrival in Dublin we took a cab into town and our cab driver and Phil sang Raglan Road (all 99 verses LOL) and we checked into the Westbury and took a nap and then went out to dinner early- at Fade Street Social -

then the next morning we were off to Northern Ireland-

our hotel in Belfast-

then the following day we drove along the coast and went to the Giant's Causeway and had a terrific lunch of mussels along the northern coast -


then we returned to Dublin and had a nice dinner at One Pico where we had dined on a previous trip

then we left the following day via the bus to Bunratty to join up with the music tour group for the following ten days-

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