Wednesday, September 18, 2019

the hottest day

in Iceland's history was the day we had planned for the Golden Circle tour outside of Reykjavik -

we arrived on time and found a cab into the city from the far away airport- and checked into our hotel- the afternoon was rainy so we went to the closest museum and toured there-

then we headed to a good meal at Matur og Drykkur and turned in- our driver arrived the next morning for our 12 hour tour -

then off to the countryside -

 our lunch stop at the geyser the original one and what all others are called - Geiser

then on to a "secret" lagoon which clearly is not secret but is much less crowded than the blue lagoon and is not man made- but given that it was the hottest day ever in Iceland we got ice cream rather than fo in the hot water- LOL

we had a number of good meals in Reykjavik and went to several excellent museums -

overall - a really good trip both Iceland and Ireland- following on our Italy trip in March - so we managed three I countries in Europe this year LOL...

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