Saturday, February 4, 2023

still catching up

 So off we go to Paris.  We booked so late that we are in a new Arrondisement! So this time we are in the 12th where we have never stayed.  We are near the Promenade Plantee which was intentional - since COVID is still here and the newest variant Omicron is good at evading the vaccination defenses.

So the good news is- we are trying some new restaurants while in the new location and right off the bat we find one we LOVE! so much that we return later in our stay for a second round of their delicious food! And it is so fun to check out a new neighborhood.  

Our first meal in Paris this trip is near our hotel and we picked one very close as it was raining...

The model for NYC Highline - is the Promenade Plantee - which we have enjoyed several times over our years of visiting in Paris 

why don't we have these on our street corners? like they do in Paris....

A fabulous meal at Korus -our one high end dining while in Paris 

We dine again at A La Fregate

dinner in Paris with Laure & Arno

The town where Laure & Arno live is St Germain and the train stop is right across from the Castle.

after returning late form Laure & Arno we dined in the hotel restaurant - which was surprisingly good.

on our way back to the train we stopped at a fabulous little Lyonnaise restaurant  Les Mauvais Garcons.  It was so wonderful to have the food of Lyon again- especially the Quenelles!

  From here we head back to Brussels for a final couple of days  before heading back to the States... or so we thought....

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