Saturday, February 4, 2023

We return to Brussels

 So yes, as I mentioned earlier.   In early 2022 travel finally opened up as the COVID era dragged on and more people got vaccinated and  were feeling like they couldn't deal with being cooped up and isolated.  We decided to book a trip to Europe.  We weren't all that picky about where we went just to get back into the travel mode.  

The best non stop fares for our dates were to Brussels so we planned to do Brussels since it had been a number of years since we had been there for any extended time.  Then we added on Paris (same reason and also to see our friends Laure and Arno (who had moved back to Paris since our last visit.) 

The date arrived and we had booked into larger chain-y hotels for both cities because the prices were eye popping in our regular places and because we didn't book things until the last minute as this was a spur of the moment trip.

It was great to be back in Europe and to eat at some of our favorite restaurants and walk the streets and the Grand Place.

so the pilot was hauling ass across the ocean because we took off a little late- thereby proving that you can get to Europe much faster than they let you fly  even if not on a supersonic.

sadly- this is what business class meals look like now- 

but we arrive and take a walk- I am 10 weeks post knee replacement so I am using a walking stick on the cobblestone street of the Old City - where we are staying.

our first dinner is at an old favorite - where we have dined many times before 

I - of course- ordered the skate wing

it was nearing the end of May so the daylight was long and even though we had dined early (due to jet lag) we had light until nearly 10 PM 

photos from our walk back to the hotel 

We booked a place around the corner from the galleria that is just across the street form the Grand Place 

another old standby - one of the oldest places in town 

have to order waffles in Belgium LOL

the station near our hotel - gives us access to the airport and other cities-

we had one dinner - in a fancy schmancy place- we would have booked into Comme Chez Soi - which we have loved, but their days open and our days in BRU didn't match up- so we went to Truffe Noire.

one more lunch in Brussels and we were on our way to Paris to visit friends- and just have a good time being outdoors in Paris - 

oops I misspoke, we had one more dinner too LOL

so we ate our way through Brussels and I practiced walking on cobblestones and we realxed and enjoyed the fact that we weren't stuck in isolation after two years- it felt so great to be able to get away again! The next post will be Paris.

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